how do you think and feel?

Do you think you spend a lot of time attempting to please your partner?
Do you feel confused about why your relationship seems to be so hard?
Do you feel sad when you think about your relationship?
Do you feel that no matter what you do, your partner will not be pleased?
Do you feel angry with or about your partner?
Do you feel on edge, like you’re walking on eggshells, around your partner?
Do you feel you can be yourself in your marriage?
Are you afraid of your spouse?
Are your children afraid of your spouse?
Do you feel like a child in the relationship?
Do you feel like a parent in the relationship?
Do you feel physically and/or mentally tired?
Do you feel responsible to fix your relationship?
Do you ever think, “This isn’t so bad”?
Do you ever think, “If I would be different, he or she would change”?

Do you think or feel this way often? Sometimes? Occasionally?

The more often you think or feel in these ways, even for just a few of these questions, the higher the likelihood you are in an abusive relationship.

There is help. Check the resources page for links to helpful websites and book titles.

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