Hope’s story

Hope is a woman who is hurting. No matter what she does in her marriage, something is always wrong. She tries to be a good wife. She reads books; she prays; she follows the advice from well-meaning friends. But she still hurts.

No matter what she does, her husband still treats her as if he doesn’t love her. He cuts her down. He yells at her. He demands she obey him. He is in charge of the money. If she doesn’t do what he wants, he gives her the silent treatment. He treats her in these ways, yet expects her to be physically intimate with him whenever he’s ”in the mood.” Hope wonders if she is crazy; his words and actions make her feel that way.

Hope is being abused by her husband. He never hits her. He never does anything that warrants calling the police.

Hope needs to be freed. She once had hope that her marriage would be good. Then she had hope that her husband would stop treating her this way. But that was so long ago. Now her hope is held captive. It gets smaller every day. She doesn’t know how much longer she can hang on to it.

Hope’s story is my story. It’s the story of some of my friends and the story of women I have met. It’s even the story of some men I know whose wives treat them in similar ways. To protect the identity of these individuals, they will all be named Hope.

freeing hope’s goal is to educate people about domestic abuse so that the people affected by it can be freed to be whole, healthy human beings. Understanding abuse will also help the friends and family members of victims to know how they can be part of freeing the victims. Being aware of the dynamics of abuse can help people to avoid abusive relationships when looking for a mate. Understanding abuse, and the underlying reasons it happens, may help well-meaning people not contribute to it.

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