Hope feels betrayed.

The person who promised to love, honor and cherish her treats her in ways that leave her feeling anything but loved, honored and cherished. She feels despised, neglected and confused. How could the person she thought loved her deeply treat her as if she didn’t matter at all?

Hope asked his family why he treats her so harshly. “He’s always been this way. Men are just like that. We would have told you before you married him, but you wouldn’t have listened; you were in love,” were their responses. Hope feels ignored, minimized and stupid. Doesn’t his family love him and her enough to stand up for her and speak to him about his attitude and behavior?

Hope talked to some of her close friends and told them what was going on at home, the things her husband did and said that made her feel so betrayed. Her friends listened and seemed to understand. But then when her husband is around, her friends treat him like he’s a great guy. Hope feels abandoned, rejected and hurt. Are they really her friends?

Hope went to her church, asking for help. Hope was told to pray and to try to be a better wife. She was told if she is a really good wife, her husband will love her the way God wants him to. Hope was told, ”See how much he loves you and how hard he’s trying to change?” Hope feels disregarded, misunderstood and crushed. Do these people really have God’s wisdom? Is this how God feels too?

Hope feels betrayed.

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